If you’re a franchisor or “owner” of a niche group of businesses…

“In June 2012, Google Made It Harder To Get
New Patients, Clients, or Customers…
And Your Franchisees Or Members
Don’t Even Know It Yet!”

You have the ability to help them, and our working
together can help their businesses grow

4 major “game changers” for local businesses have occurred as a result of Google’s 2012 changes.

First, if you go to Google, type in any business name + city, you’ll now see the business’s online reputation is showing…Google, Yelp, Insider Pages, etc. show good and bad reviews that people have written. And, with Google’s new scoring system for local businesses, you can’t hide bad or negative reviews’ they’re out there in front of everybody.

Second, customer/client/patient reviews are becoming a major factor in almost every type of online marketing’ they’re beginning to show up in Google+ Local, pay per click, website rankings, etc. And it’s only going to increase – remember, these changes were first implemented only several months ago.

Third, traditional local online marketing, e.g., Google+ Local (used to be called Google Places where we have exclusively focused for the past 3+ years), SEO, pay per click, etc. – none of it works anymore if you have bad reviews online.

In just the past several months we’ve seen a 180 degree turn such that today you first have to create/develop a solid 5-star local online reputation, and second execute local online marketing in the traditional ways.

Would you agree that it does no good to be well positioned in Google if, when your prospective customers, clients, or patients find you, they find bad reviews about you.

That’s a potential phone call that’s not going to happen.

Fourth and last, good reviews send prequalified, presold customers, clients, or patients because all the research shows that buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

To address these 4 major game changes, we’ve developed a system for local online Reputation Marketing (not Reputation Management), which we define as positioning yourself as the market leader with a 5 star reputation in front of your potential patients.

It starts with finding out your Local Online Reputation which we do with a proprietary software that generates a report where you can see for yourself, or your franchisees or members can see for themselves, their local online reputation. Then, we implement a 4 part ongoing Reputation Marketing strategy to develop, market, and manage their 5 star reputation.

Tied into this is our proven system of developing your franchisees’ or members’ local online presence, a process which begins with our generating a Local Ranking Report.

Everything starts with our having a 15 minute phone conversation to determine if we’re a fit together.

What’s next?

First, get your copy of our whitepaper, “Why Ignoring Your Online Reputation Can Be harmful To your Local Business’ Health…Even If you Have Good Search Engine Ranking” click here.

This report will show you how important it is to integrate local online reputation marketing with local internet presence to lock out competitors.

Next, request a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation with me. No sales, no hype, just a series of questions we can cover to see if it makes sense to continue our discussions.

You can schedule your complimentary consultation by either calling our Operations Manager, Ann Flynn, at 513-703-4748, or completing the consultation appointment request below.

Regardless of whether we work together or not, the information
in the whitepaper will be valuable to you.

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Jon Keel

Get a copy of our whitepaper, "Why Ignoring Your Online Reputation Can Be harmful To your Local Business’ Health...Even If you Have Good Search Engine Ranking"- Click Here