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Building Backlinks For Your Local Business

Rightfully so, many of our local business clients are focused on their websites having good organic rankings.  Not only can this in and of itself lead to increased phone calls and leads for the business, but the…

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The Changing Face Of Local Search For Businesses

As you may be aware, Google has been changing a number of things that directly impact you if you’re a local business. With a lot of fanfare Google Adwords eliminated all the ads on the right side…

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Online Reputation Repair Can Save Your Business

As you’re probably aware, Google changed things dramatically for every local business on June 1, 2012.  That day was the start of a new era where a business’ “reputation” is shown in multiple places online.  And depending…

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Local Internet Marketing Can Grow Your Business

  The more effective you can be with your local internet marketing program, the more your business can grow. Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? And it is a simple concept.  The execution is what involves time and…

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