What Our Clients Say

“Jon Keel and his team have masterminded our franchisees’ online presence to the degree that it makes it highly unlikely that competitors can compete with our platform. Jon is a man of immense integrity and when he tells me his opinion. I know it it be true. In todays age, honesty and integrity are paramount.”

– Dr. Chris Tomshack, D.C., Founder and CEO, HealthSource Chirpractic

“When I first started working with Jon Keel and his team at Improved Results I was somewhat of a novice at online marketing. Initially Jon and his team created many different marketing campaigns and automation systems and gave me educational tools to the point where today we can do most of the work internally. I continually get new ideas from them, which helps our business perform better. I would not be as much of the professional I am today without their help and assistance.”

– Alexa Howze, Director of Marketing, O’Connor

“Improved Results is the real deal. They dont spout a bunch of rhetoric and take a generic approach to Local SEO and other internet strategies; they do great analysis and troubleshooting. Its a consultative sales process rather than the strong sales push, they want to make sure that you are helpable.”

– Rob Reynolds, Director of Operations, Pop-A-Lock

“Jon and his team at Improved Results provide a service that every business owner needs, yet either lacks the time or knowhow to put to use for them. Because Jon and his team stay on the cutting edge of local online presence and reputation marketing, I feel 100% confident that all of my clients are getting the best help possible to keep their businesses at the head of the pack.”

– Ron Ipach, Founder, Auto Repair Secrets

“Jon Keel and his Improved Results team has been instrumental in helping us increase the operational efficiency of our internal teams. Through their work in automating a number of our processes, our people can now do their jobs much more efficiently, leading to more free time to take on new challenges. They have brought new ideas and technology to us and worked patiently with us during the implementation process. Whenever we have questions, they respond quickly, professionally, and congenially. I recommend their services without reservation.”

– Roger Hibbs, Director of Cost Segregation, O’Connor

“Jon Keel is a top notch individual to work with; his knowledge and solution driven results are unsurpassed. I have worked with Jon and Improved Results on multiple projects for clients and also for our own company. The dedication and drive he gives with the personal touch is exactly what makes him so easy to work with. Jon is an expert in his field and he is the first person I go to with any questions or help I need.”

– Michelle Ruble, Chief Operating Officer, REV Media Marketing, LLC

“Jon Keel and his team at Improved Results, LLC have figured out the code when it comes to online presence and reputation marketing for local businesses such as mine. One of the things I really appreciate is that he understands how fast things can change and keeps on top of the changes. He’s got my back. He wants his clients to succeed.”

– Dr. Charles Martin, D.D.S.

“Jon is great to work with. He takes the time to listen to the needs of my business. I can count on him to give me accurate information. Thanks!”

– By Kevin Augustine, D.C.

“Improved Results has been a huge step up from our previous vendor. Improved Results has gone above and beyond to help us through some rough patches with our internet presence.”

– Sara & Tim Valenta, Pop-A-Lock of Dallas-Ft. Worth