What We Do

Here Are The Different Ways We Can Help You Grow Your Business

In almost 19 years of being online we’ve developed several core competencies to help just about any small to medium sized business in its online efforts. At the same time, we’ve learned that working together has to be a good fit; we’re not right for every potential client. And that’s the reason for having our initial complimentary consultation (and maybe even several subsequent phone or face to face meetings).

We understand one important factor

You don’t really want to invest time or money in any of the services in which we’ve developed expertise. You just want the results they offer. And you want performance. You want a positive return on your investment. After all, if you gave me $1 and I gave you back $3, how many $ would you give me?

I’m the same way. It’s the way I ran the marketing for my previous traditional business.

With that as background, following is an overview of areas where we are helping and have helped clients:

Expand Your Online Presence:

You probably don’t have enough online presence, whether that be in Google and other search engines, Google Local (if you have a local business), Facebook and all the other social media channels, YouTube and the other video channels, paid online advertising, etc.

The result: you don’t have enough web site traffic

The answer generally isn’t in investing a lot of money in all the options you have available, but to know where your prospects are online and then getting in front of them. For example, if your target market is 45 and up males, Pinterest is probably not a good solution for you. Another example – if the keywords you believe are important aren’t being searched on enough, you can have top search engine positions with little resulting traffic.

Our initial research and audit process figures this out. And only then do we develop an action plan which we (or our working together) can implement to reach your goals.

Get More Public Referrals:

Several years ago the concept of growing your public referrals (sometimes called online reviews and the resulting online reputation) was not that important? Several technical solutions changed all of that, and today things are totally different.

Think about this: when someone tells you about a business (whether local or not), what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like than more than 90% of the people out there, you check it out online; you “Google” it.

Public referrals are nothing more than reviews that customers, clients, or patients of a business have posted online. And they’re important. We believe you can never have enough of them.

Our system makes it possible for you to gather reviews from your existing customers, clients, or patients and spread them across the Internet for your business prospects to find. And it’s more than having reviews on just Google and Facebook.

The cool part? They work for you 24-7, even while you’re asleep.

Improve Your Online Conversion:

We’ve seen it well over a thousand times in the past 19 years.

A business has a great product or service but its website “sucks.” Pardon my language, but there’s no better way to say it. The website just doesn’t work.

It happens in many forms. First, it’s not clear to the visitor what they’re supposed to do (phone for an appointment, request information, view a video demonstration, etc.). Or, finding the Call To Action you want them to take is difficult if not impossible to find. Next, the languaging on the web site doesn’t match up with the target market. And so on.

It makes little sense to invest a lot of time and money, first on your web site and other online channels and second, on establishing a great online presence, if when the prospect finds your site, they immediately hit the back button, never to return.

Fortunately, online conversion is a science. And all you have to do is learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

A bottom line example. If you have 1,000 visitors to your web site with a 1% conversion rate (say for a phone call to your business) that will generate 10 inbound phone calls. If all you do is increase that to 2%, you now receive 20 phone calls. If you close 50% of your phone calls to a customer, and your average sale is $500, you’ve just added $2,500 in top line revenue to your business.

As part of our initial research and audit we analyze where you are (presuming you have the core metrics available – if not we’ll show you how to get them) and develop solutions to improve your web site conversion.

Additional Marketing Services:

Google, Facebook and other paid advertising – depending upon your customer value, Google Adwords, Facebook, and other online paid advertising can be a viable approach to generating traffic and “plugging” prospects into your marketing followup system.

Retargeting – Even if you’re not familiar with retargeting, chances are good you’ve already experienced it. You visit a web site and for the next several months (up to 180 days with some systems), as you’re online you consistently seeing messages from the original web site you visited. Large companies have been using retargeting for several years; it’s now available for small to medium sized businesses. ROI’s in some cases have been reported up to 5 to 1.

Video Creation, Optimization, and Syndication – YouTube is the second (or third) largest search engine in the world. Face it, we’re part of a TV society; people love to watch videos. And It’s not only about creating videos, but optimizing them for search and syndicating them across multiple channels so that people find them. Incorporating Calls To Action in the video can actually result in a positive ROI.

Social Media and Social Media Marketing – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. can be a great way to get your message across multiple channels. Additionally, tying direct response marketing principals into your Social Media Marketing can build up your authority in your marketplace.

Marketing funnel campaign development – When you obtain a prospect from any of your online presence channels, what do you do with the prospect? Marketing funnel campaigns are a strategic process where you continue to develop the relationship with the prospect until they are ready to commit to becoming a client, customer, or patient. Development of the campaign can increase your ROI, and the best part is…it runs on autopilot.

Email and website copywriting – Effectively using email as part of your marketing process (note the marketing funnel section above) can be, and generally is, critical to increasing your ROI. Tied into that is basic web site copywriting; this generally takes a special skill. There are certain proven principals to effectively writing emails and website copy.

The above additional marketing services are generally made available to clients after we have worked with them for a minimum of three months, and they want to continue to take their businesses to the next level.