Why We’re Different

Here are the 5 major things that make us different from others with whom you may speak:

  1. I’ve been told by numerous people that I’m the only former real business owner that has developed a successful business working with businesses on their online efforts.  Benefit to you?  You’re dealing with someone who understands all the issues you as a business owner deal with.  “Been there, done that.”
  2. We don’t have a standard “package” for our clients.  Our solution for you is focused on what you need to grow, not on what we have to sell you.  Of most of the clients we’ve worked with (specifically within the past 6 years), our solution has been specifically tailored to their situation.
  3. Our proprietary 79-step process combines expanding Online Presence, Getting More Public Referrals, and Improving Your Online Conversionin a way no one else (to the best of our knowledge) is doing.
  4. We’re unique because it’s not:
    • a. Having to guess about the R.O.I. of your online efforts – we measure everything
    • b. Wondering “will this work for me?” because of our proven success across multiple vertical niches
    • c. Worrying about managing all the intricate pieces and details of generating online prospects for your local business
  5. We have a “You Can’t Lose” guarantee; if we don’t produce results, you don’t pay us until we do.

Not enough differentiation for you? When we talk, we can review over 27 additional reasons our clients tell us we’re different.